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Edmonton Gojukai Karate Club

The Edmonton Gojukai Karate Club is licensed by the City of Edmonton and was established in 1977, under the name Karatedo Gojukai Edmonton, by its first sensei, Yoshio Yamashita. Yamashita sensei was also appointed as shibucho (director) for Canada by Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi of Tokyo.

On Yamashita sensei’s retirement, John Priegert, one of the earliest students of the club, took on the role of head instructor and continues to teach under license from the head of International Karate Gojukai Association (IKGA), Master Goshi Yamaguchi of Tokyo in the traditional Yamaguchi Gojukai style.

A Member of IKGA Canada

Edmonton Gojukai belongs to the IKGA Canada, dedicated to providing instruction in the art and science of Yamaguchi Gojuryu Karatedo within Canada.

Goju-ryu karatedo shares its roots with other styles of karate developed over the centuries from the unarmed fighting arts of China. These arts came to Okinawa, where they underwent development and fusion with Okinawan unarmed fighting styles.

What is a Dojo?

A dojo is the traditional karate training centre and the focus for all instruction.

As part of the entire karate experience, all students are expected to observe traditional etiquette, entering, exiting and while participating in class. Shoes are to be lined up neatly outside the instruction area. Clothes are to be put away in the proper area. Instructors and students bow entering and leaving. Both students and instructions must talk politely to each other at all times.

Training methods are based on traditional drills, kata, and properly supervised kumite (sparring). Students are guided through proper instruction in a positive manner. Fitness conditioning is also a large component of the karate experience.

Teaching Staff

Shihan John Priegert

Chief instructor of Edmonton Gojukai and head of International Karate do Gojukai Association (IKGA) Canada

John Priegert is the senior instructor, a life-long student of karate and has been teaching Gojukai karate since 1981. He is certified by the National Coaching Certification Program and was a Master Course Conductor for the National Karate Association of Canada. He continues to train under the personal instruction of the head of the International Karatedo Gojukai Association, Master Goshi Yamaguchi of Tokyo, Japan.


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  • IKGA Canada

    The IKGA is the governing body for International Karate Do Gojukai within Canada.

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